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LIMITED CASS: (untitled)

LIMITED CASS: (untitled)

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Previously released/unreleased tracks within the years of 2020–2022.

Limited to 99 pcs.

Catalogue number: ARKIB #8

Consists of:
1 x Cassette tape (Lokananta press)
1 x Cover sleeve (premium art card)
1 x Set of premium stickers
1 x Square badge button
+ Additional paper(s)

Cassette shell colour: Light blue

1. Gĕringsing (2020)
2. Lagu Tatara'ayat
3. Pĕrmaidani
+ Additional song(s)

Individual hand-numbered copy. Early orders, early serial numbers.

Production status: In the midst of production.

Expected delivery/pickup: TBC

Additional info:
Cassette pressing at Lokananta, Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia.

About Lokananta:
Lokananta was established on October 29, 1956 at Surakarta. Lokananta is the first record label in Indonesia. Based in Surakarta, Central Java, it was owned by the state-owned printing agency Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia. It has over 40,000 recordings, including some 5,200 commercial labels, in its collection.

ARKIB © 2022-2023 Made in Kuala Lumpur

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